Big Pete Team

The running and operation of the monster trucks is handled by the team below.

So here’s a little info on the Big Pete crew, and a few pictures so you can recognise us if you do see us out and about at various events


DSC02276Michael Murty

Age: Maturing like a fine wine

Home Town:   Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire

Occupation:    Truck operator, showman & director of Big Pete Ltd.

Team responsibilities:    General running of team and driver.

Christopher “CJ” Murty

Age 31

Hometown:  Hebden Bridge

Team Responsibilities: Monster Truck Driver, admin, arena safety and vehicle maintenance


photoKaren Shutler

Age 30

Hometown:  Nottingham

Team Responsibilites: Monster Truck Driver, Arena Party, Horsey People Liason and Social Media Guru





1288Peter Davies

Age: 40 ish

Home Town: Garstang

Team responsibilities: Arena Management (man in charge on the ground), Health and Safety Co-ordinator



12662028_10205680451477508_1799464908364066859_nOlly Butler

Age 21

Home Town: Dereham, Norfolk

Team Responsibilities : Peters Trainee Arena assistant,  general maintenance of Monster Trucks, van driver and trainee monster truck driver 





age: 8

Home Town: Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire

Occupation: General dogsbody and Rodent operative

Team responsibilities: Security & general amusement




Helpers and Friends of Big Pete Ltd (Past and Present) 



12965_10151789149035236_782896318_nThomas Bibby – Thank you for all your help an everything you did over your time with us….. including spending the most time in front of the mirror!




 Des Brown and PearlDesmond "Des" Brown

Home Town: Hedon, near Hull

Occupation: Track manager at York Raceway and Mucks in whenever he can.



Floyd – R.I.P.

Age: was 12

Home Town: Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire

Occupation: General dogsbody and Rodent operative

Team responsibilities: Security & general amusements


9 thoughts on “Big Pete Team”

  1. hey

    just wanted to say thanks for coming over to jersey – saw the trucks up on the mound this morning and can’t wait to see the show.

    hope you have a good week over here!


  2. Hey!
    We’re really looking forward to the Show over here hopefully it will be great fun and you’ll enjoy it
    See u there!!!

  3. Oh Wow…..Amazing show in Jersey (Friday 5.30).
    I have loads of photos and videos which I’d love to share.

    Also, at the end of the show me and my boy came to have a photo up close with the trucks. I am a big-time Big Pete fan!!! Love that Monster. And I got chatting to the driver of Grim Reaper….was it CJ? (think that’s him on the website).
    I want to get a poster and other merchandise on this site and CJ (??) said that I could get you guys to send it to me pre- signed as I really wanted one signed today but you’d run out.

    I can’t wait to see you back in Jersey….(I wanna get up in Big Pete for a photo next time ….hehehe).
    Great Job Guys ….and Girl (Wooohooo) lol xx

  4. OMG just saw big Pete at Gosforth show today , what can I say WOW me and my five year old felt at home watching you guys and I think I fell in love with Karen !!!!!!!!! Ps thanks for the handshake my little man was made up . Keep up all the good work and I hope to see you guys very soon.

  5. Thanks for the comment! Glad you enjoyed the show! Hopefully we’ll be back to visit again in the future

  6. Was great to see you at the Monster truck nationals yesterday, you made by 3 year old’s day! “Big Pete” is now his firm favourite.

  7. Awesome stuff on Sunday 20th at Santa Pod, money well spent, total respect for you guys too, having spent two minutes in the back of the red dragon at a fraction of what you guys get up to the forces are at low speed were crazy, you guys have to be mad 🙂 take care and keep on trucking..

  8. Big Pete is my favorite too, partly because it reminds me of my old R/C car I had in my teens, RIP Bullhead :(, but mainly because it’s so damn cool.

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