Introducing the BIG PETE and GRIM REAPER Radio

controlled Monster Trucks!!!


We have Nitro and Electric radio controlled monster trucks in a range of sizes to suite all needs and ages.




315x210_6327_img_0003-copy                                                         315x210_6806_4-

Mini Big Pete RC Monster Truck                                                     Mini Grim Reaper RC Monster Truck



315x210_12603_big-pete-018                                                     315x210_12596_big-pete-001

Himoto 1:10 Electric Monster Truck                                                  1:10 Nitro Licensed Monster Truck



315x210_8765_img_9970                            315x210_12721_1-16-grim-elec-001

Grim Reaper Monster Truck                                       1:16 Electric 7.2v Licensed Grim Reaper Monster Truck


315x210_8047_grim-reaper-003                                                    315x210_7575_1904-038

1:10 Electric Grim Reaper Monster Truck                                    1:10 Nitro Licensed Grim Reaper Monster Truck



7 thoughts on “Merchandise”

  1. Hi
    Any further update on when big Pete remote control trucks will be back In stock as site says out of stock still
    Many thanks

  2. Hi , my name is Dave Parker and I live in Jersey. We recently saw your show in Jersey and must admit it was one of the best things we have ever taken our kids to see , we took our friends children down with us too which amounted to seven kids just with our ‘bunch’ , we had a nightmare trying to get them to bed last night because they were still buzzing !!
    The only slightly negative ( nothing to do with the marvellous show and showmanship ) was the lack of any merchandise ?? , every one of our party would have snapped your hand off to get a scale model of big pete or the reaper, in fact our son Will who is autistic has been playing with his own ‘big Pete’ ( just one of his 4×4 toys ) for getting on for nine hours today including his own hilarious commentary shouting at the top of his voice ” Do you wanna see some damage?”
    I just thought I would suggest it as I say it was the only thing related to the show that we thought could be done.
    Again can I add how brilliant we and every one else who watched thought your show was.
    Many thanks for coming here. Regards, Dave Parker

  3. Hi Dave..

    First of all thank you very much for the kind words so glad you enjoyed the show and great to here u all had a good time… yes merchandise is something we regret we had sold out of our posters and were unable to get any in time from the printers.. However we do sell the small scale versions of Big Pete and the Grim Reaper they are also available at
    Hilarious about you’re son shouting Michaels favourite lines out!
    We thoroughly enjoyed our time here in Jersey and we hope to be back!

    All the best to you all
    Many thanks again
    From all here at Big Pete Ltd

  4. I took my 8 month old baby girl to see the monster tucks at the Wolverhampton show this year n I would just like to say she loved it so much she went to sleep. It is a shame about the venu as west park was bigger. Hope u guys injoyed it in Wolverhampton thank u for a great show this year.

  5. Hi
    We saw you guys at Tuckmania at Beaulieu this summer and we brought our 3 kids Grim Reaper tshirts, which they wear all the time especially our 7 year old. Unfortunately today my nephew and him were play fighting and his tshirt got ripped. Is there anywhere I can buy another one as he’s devastated. Thanks

  6. Evening

    We took our children to the Great Dorset Steam Fair today just to see Big Pete and The Grim Reaper, the rest of the day was a bonus. We all loved the show and we’re going to get our kids t-shirts but completely forgot to go back and get them at the end of our day. Is there any where I can order them online?

    Thanks again for a great show. The fact that the team got the front half of the tug of war car going again is amazing.

  7. Hi. Just wondering if there was a response to the t-shirt query above. Our son was a big fan of big Pete!

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