Monster Truck Spec’s



Bodywork: Genuine Peterbilt 359 aluminium bonnet and cab
Engine: Big block 454ci (7.4 litre) Chevrolet V8
Transmission: General Motors TH-400 3 speed automatic gearbox, military transfer case offering 2/4wd and high/low ranges
Steering: Power front steering with independant electronically controlled rear steering
Axles: Pettibone mobile crane (50 tonne rating!)
Suspension: Heavy duty leaf springs with 5 Shockers per corner
Tyres: Michelin Mega X tyres
Weight: 7.5 tonnes (approx)
Height: 15 feet (4.6 metres)
Width: 13 feet (4 metres)
Length: 18 feet (5.5 metres)



Bodywork: Fibreglass 1999 Chevrolet pick up replica
Engine: Big block Chevrolet V8
Transmission: General Motors TH-400 3 speed automatic gearbox with B&M race ratchet shifter, profab transfer box, caged drive shafts.
Brakes: Inboard single disk per axle with independent front and rear master cylinders
Steering: Power front steering with high speed electronically controlled rear steering, including self centering.
Axles: Rockwell axles with Clark planatarys
Suspension: Nitrogen shocks with 30″ coil over springs
Tyres: Goodyear Terra Tyres
Weight: 10,200lbs (4.5 tonnes)
Height: 12 feet
Width: 12 feet
Length: 18 feet



4 thoughts on “Monster Truck Spec’s”

  1. Hi, Exploring including one or all your machines perhaps one at each of our venues in 2015, Coventry, Stoke, Belle Vue and Sheffield. I am enquiring about prices and availability – Bank Holidays are key dates for us at BV, perhaps Easter 6/4 or Whitsun
    If you could advise any price details etc to consider I would be grateful
    Our draft fixture programme for 2015 is online on

    Tel 07952 050198 / 01253 713754

  2. Hi I saw your show today at Thornton Farm which was brilliant. I didn’t get chance to ask how do you transport the trucks to each venue?

  3. Hi Chris glad you enjoyed the show… We take the big wheels off the trucks and put small transport wheels on meaning they are able to fit onto the bed of a lorry trailer which enables us to transport them from show to show:)

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