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Hectic Season Ahead For Big Pete Ltd.

Well, another long break between updates, but rest assured the work is coming along nicely on the spaceframed truck, the work in progress page has a few more pictures and info on this. The body has been repaired and delivered for painting. All the necessary fabrication and modifications have been completed and the engine is now mounted in place and tested. We will now strip the chassis of everything possible to remove the pink chassis paint and re-spray it to suit the new image.

Once this is underway we have a few modifications to our trailer as well as a pre-season service for the Scania.

If you check the events page you’ll see that we are getting fairly close to a full calendar now with 30 confirmed show days on the books so far! A fairly hectic season awaits us with shows spanning the length and breadth of the UK.

Bean is now back with us after his winter hibernation in the caves of the Lancashire pennines, surviving on a diet of alcohol and takeaways, Bro is briefed and ready to roll for the season and we’re looking forward to the inspiration his inventive mind provides. Regardless his help will be greatly appreciated, the extra truck doubling the work load on our team.

Big Pete Updates For 2005

Well, a few people have mentioned the lack of recent updates on the site so here we go:

Sally’s been hard at it with the promotion and development of our corporate days, hopefully these will be in full operation soon. Who would have thought that letting you fans drive one of the most unique vehicles in the country would involve so much planning!

The Scania and trailer have both had a full service to ensure all systems are in working order for the coming season. We should have some work in progress photos soon, just keep an eye on our galleries.

The team has been investing in a bit of hardware for the corporate days. I aren’t allowed to say much yet but it’s loud and fast.

Make sure you check back later for further news ;)