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Big Pete Ltd Will Attend All Of Truckfest 2007, Also Introducing Armageddon

Truckfest: Big Pete Ltd are proud to announce that they will be attending and performing at all six of the 2007 Truckfest shows. The team have not attended the shows for the past 2 seasons but have a long history of working together with Live Promotions who promote the hugely popular shows over the summer months. These shows will take the team to all corners of the UK from May through to August. Check out the events page to see when Truckfest visits your area as well as other events we will be attending over the 2007 season.

The 2006 gallery has finally been updated with pictures of the summer shows for you to browse through.

Steve Murty has unveiled his new toy for the 2007 season, Armageddon. This monster tank weighs in at 7 tonnes and will destroy anything in its path. This massive weight is hustled along at high speed by a brace of Supercharged, methanol burning big block chevy engines, pushing a phenomenal 3,000hp through the massive tracks, be sure to check out the pictures of this amazing machine on our site and we hope Steve will be joining us at some of our events next season, this machine has to be seen to be believed!

Armageddon - The Tank at Santa Pod
Armageddon - The Tank at Santa Pod
Armageddon at Santa Pod - Another Viewpoint
Armageddon at Santa Pod - Another Viewpoint
Armageddon - The Aftermath
Armageddon - The Aftermath

The Big Pete team are the proud owners of a Scania 143M Topliner

The Big Pete team are now the proud owners of a Scania 143M Topliner. This will be used to transport the monster around the country, check out the pictures below!

Many thanks go out to Steve Murty for the loan of his Cargo throughout the past season.

The Scania is a former Truckfest Peterborough working show truck winner (so we’ve been told). It was last operated by Nigel Williams of Kings Lynn. The truck was off the road due to electrical problems, these have been sorted by Joey and the truck is now fully operational.

We plan to get the truck back up to show standard for the next season, look out for it at the shows.

Scania 143M Topliner Pictures:

Showmans Show Report

On the 22nd and 23rd October Michael and Joey attended the Showmans Show at Newbury. Thanks go out to Peter Johnson Entertainments who gave us space on the best pitch at the show.

Thanks to this we have managed to gather a number of bookings for the coming season.

Also in attendance at the show was Steve with his Backdraft wheelie truck who was demonstrating the truck in his own arena, in pouring rain. Thanks to Trax Portable Access, who provided Steve with portable flooring to beat the weather.