Thanks from Michael



 Michael wanted to take the time out and say “thanks a million” to all the family, friends, crew and suppliers who have helped out at Big Pete Ltd


  • Leone Murty – The Boss
  • Steve Murty – Dad
  • Christopher Murty, The Mentalist brother and Driver & Kaomi the Wife
  • Wendy Proctor – Book Keeper


  • Peter Davies – Chief Crew Man
  • Hilary Wilkinson – Peters long suffering other half… “the woman deserves a medal”
  • Karen Shutler – Driver, the organised one, “wears the trousers”
  • Thomas Bibby – “Gruuuumio!!”
  • Gary-Lee – Chief painter and “Top Bloke

Helpers and Good Mates

  • Des and Pearl Brown – “Thanks for coming Des”
  • James Fitzgeorge – aka Jamie Tyres
  • Nathan Eade – Welding Fabricator
  • Andy Outhwaite – Sparks the “Wiring God”
  • Andy Leigh – Just stuff really
  • Danny Cole – Spanner man
  • James Lindsay – “Minion”
  • Robbo – Website helpdesk dude
  • Ronnie Picardo – aka Rocket Ronnie
  • Graham Fisher
  • Eddie Fisher
  • David Lloyd Jones

Sponsors and Suppliers

  • Dave at George Lodge Bearings
  • All at Jones Springs
  • Matthew at Humberside Batteries
  • The lads at D.P Motor Factors
  • Craig Barstable at Morris Lubricants
  • James at ATE in Wolverhampton
  • Geoff and Hayley at Teamac
  • Ian Higgins at Big sign Co
  • Paul at DuckSmart
  • Jay Coates at Scream Wholesale
  • Ray Sharp
  • Dave Sherwood
  • Powder and Paint dude
  • Dave at DA Hydrolics

…..From the Past

  • Paul Gee
  • Robert Bruniges – RIP
  • Jordan Mellor
  • Sam Law
  • Graham Frazer
  • Richard Hurst

Thank you to everyone past and present for your support

Michael Murty

Big Pete Ltd

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